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Entering the online casino business

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Casino | Comments Off on Entering the online casino business

Many people today want to earn money with casinos, but I’m not talking about playing games. I’m talking about opening up an online casino and getting some real money from it. The problem is that people think it is extremely hard and complicated to open it for some reason, and they usually give up before even trying accomplishing something. If you just decide to follow these simple steps and directions that will lead you to the success, you will see it is not as complicated as you thought.

Before you decide to begin, it is important that you determine what software and content (in this case – games) you want to be using in the future. The software you choose will run your site, and it will be your casino backbone. 2C3D12180BB21110AB470C3A7E1E1050It will also help you manage the whole activity (including processing the payment, managing the account and fraud, marketing different campaigns, etc.). So, watch your software as the backbone, and the content as the face. Games will attract people (gamers) to your new casino, and this is what you should consider as the primary factor in choosing the supplier.

Speaking of the providers, there are two types of those – the ones who develop games themselves and the ones which offer the packages with the content of the games of other suppliers like B2B model. Both of them have their advantages, and you should get to know them a little better before you choose. It is up to you to decide if you want a casino provider which will monthly ask you for fees, or if you want a casino provider which will not ask you for any monthly fees and will give you the code after the purchase.

Blog_welcome_1If your budget is a huge factor in your decision (if you want to avoid and minimize unnecessary costs), the perfect online casino provider for you is, which you can learn more about online. You must be patient and careful when you are choosing your business partner as well. Make sure you are always open and not shy to ask people the questions you are concerned about or maybe interested in.

Your next step should be obtaining a license for your casino. Without the permit, you will not be allowed to open it up and have it running properly and legally, and this is the problem you need to solve. You will want to decide in which country you want to obtain your license because in some countries they are cheap and in the others, they are not.

getluckyHJFor example, Curacao is the country in which the license costs about 20 thousand euros per year, while it costs over 150 thousand in the UK. After you get your online casino license, you must set up the payment options and start getting money from your players, prizes, etc. The best method online is the credit cards. Once you have finished this too, make sure you market your casino and attract gamers.

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Best Microgaming mobile pokies thus far

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Mobile pokies, Pokies | Comments Off on Best Microgaming mobile pokies thus far

Microgaming isn’t a company that makes a lot of mobile slot games. Up until now, they have done around 80 games, and the majority of those games are for mobile devices. Every game this company makes is a hit, so they keep their focus on making good games rather than printing bad copies now and then.6587790-3x2-700x467

Many famous online casino places use these games as their main attractions. They are interesting, and they aren’t as annoying as many other online casino games. The best way to talk about games from this manufacturer is to speak about some of the best games from them.

Immortal Romance is the best known mobile pokies game on the market. Originally released in the December 2011 it gathered a lot of attention throughout the years. At that time it was a pretty advanced mobile pokies game that had five reels and incredible 243 ways to win during every spin.

mobile-casino-gamesMany features of this game attracted the broad audience, and the battle for a 3 million coin jackpot is one of them. The simple design of the scatter symbol also adds to the charm of the game. But that is topped by the unique ability of the wild symbol that turns other symbols into scatters. Whenever this happens, it generates a lot new line wins.

The final bonus is a chain free spin feature. This bonus activates whenever you get 3 or more scatter symbols in a spin. The first bonus is weak, but as you hit more spins like that it progresses to more valuable rewards. You can find this game in over 260 online casino locations, so go and check why it is called the best pokies game on the mobile devices.

Second game in line from this company is the Thunderstruck 2, also one of the best games for mobile devices in this day and age. Even though it is over five years old, this pokies game is still very popular, and you can find it in 220 casinos powered by Microgaming.  The appeal of this game comes from scattering symbol (Thor’s Hammer) that generates new symbols that increase the number of winning lines. This game has several fascinating bonus games including the main attraction, the Great Hall of Spins that introduces free spins with high

Other gifts exist as well, and they are rated according to Norse Mythology. Valkyrie bonus gives a player ten spins for free (five times multiplies on those spins). Loki gives more turns, 15, which have Wild Magic Feature (turning random symbols into multipliers).

Other bonuses include Odin and Thor. Odin gives the player a total of 20 free spins affected by Wild Raven Feature that turns symbols into either 2X, 3X or 6X multipliers. You can’t retrigger this bonus during the same. The final bonus is the Thor Bonus that provides the player with 25 free spins in which the consecutive turns increase the multiplier of the prize. If you are a fan of Norse mythology, then you will like this online pokies game.

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How much can I win playing pokies?

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Pokies | Comments Off on How much can I win playing pokies?

Have you ever wondered what is the largest jackpot ever won on a pokie machine? And how possible (or impossible) is it to win life-changing jackpots in a casino? If you are lucky enough, you can join the elite and very small club of pokie jackpot winners, whether it is the traditional casino made of brick and mortar or the new and improved version, the online casino. Here we will present a few of the highest ever wins on online pokies game, just to show you that amazing winnings are possible but extremely rare.jackpot

It was the year 2003 and the young man from Los Angeles; California felt an urge to spend 100$ on a progressive jackpot machine called Megabucks, distributed by the IGT (International Game Technology) company from the United States. This happened at the Hotel Excalibur, downtown Las Vegas. The Megabucks pokies had already had a history of huge jackpots reserved for the lucky few who visited the casinos in South Dakota, Nevada, and New Jersey. This successful software engineer won a whopping 39,710,826.36 United States dollars! The odds of winning this crazy amount were somewhere about 16.7 million to one. Even today, this remains the highest ever jackpot won on pokies in the history of Las Vegas. Two other progressive jackpots also happened in the United States, and also on Megabucks machines, and they were close to 35 million dollars and just above 21 million.

musclesportmag.com_When it comes to online pokies, the largest ever jackpot was won by a man from Finland. He was having fun with the Mega Fortune pokie machine, distributed by Net Entertainment. This was also a progressive jackpot machine. This amazing jackpot happened in January of 2013, and it was later noted in the Guinness book of World records! Who would have known that this lucky man from Finland would bet a quarter, a mere 25 cents, and win an incredible 17,861,800 dollars!

Another lucky guy also tried out the Mega Fortune machine. He needed to kill some time during the night because he suffered from insomnia and could not sleep. Well, it turns out insomnia can sometimes be good for you! The man won almost 12 million dollars! One more lucky winner of 2012, a woman from Sweden, won over 7,5 million dollars on the Hall of Gods poke game.

As you can see, mega jackpots truly are possible but are extremely rare. As we mentioned above, the odds of winning such a jackpot go as high as 16 million to one! That means you have to spin the wheel 16 million times to expect such a jackpot. Even with all the odds being against them, players keep playing pokie machines, not because there is a chance for such a huge win, but because they are a fun hobby, and the potential win is just a way to add a little bit of thrill to the game and make the whole gaming experience more attractive and fun!

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Earn Real cash by Gambling online

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Online casino games, Poker, Pokies | Comments Off on Earn Real cash by Gambling online

What is better than earning cash in an exceedingly fun to play casino game? Earning cash on internet casino game!

Quick-Cash-Loans-OnlineNow you don’t need to visit the casino to play games like roulette, black jack or poker you’ll be able to do this all from your home. Taking part in pokies online was never easier, and everything you are required to do is follow few steps to become an eligible player. You’ll be able to play it on your phone or your desktop the selection is all yours. Once you begin earning your hand few greenbacks on pokies, you may chuck all alternative ways of earning cash on-line.

How to Start?

The first issue that you simply got to do is to open and associate your account with online match provider. If you intend to play online pokies on your phone, you may transfer it from the market. Any market will do, and therefore the neatest thing regarding it’s that it’s fully free. Once you get your account, you may got to verify it by following easy directions. Once you verify it, you’ll be able to begin taking part in any casino game you wish. Play poker, black jack, roulette or maybe slot machines and get a chance to win a progressive online jackpot.

How much cash can I get?

On a regular, professional players keep on with their invested sum in online casino games without spending a dime for some time. Every player that start playing can earn up to the amount of a regular salary in U.S. in couple weeks. Usually, they arrange what proportion cash they’re ready to pay on every table; some go even any by limiting their budget on every hand. If you play it safe you’ll never get to the above-mentioned amount of money, and casino games are all about making risky calls.

Is it safe to play?

Online pokies are protected by top notch security system form cheats, hacks and other types of illegal ways to get in-game currency. A casino that owns the rights to a particular domain supposed for providing casino games work the same as a true casino. Account area unit created to exchange the 64000 persons; chips area unit in an exceedingly type of currency solely on the market for his or her games, thus there’s no area for a hoax or any quite fraud. So you’re safe from any cheats or hacks that would interfere with casinos rules. Plenty of cash was invested within these games so that players can feel safe and protected.

If you continue to assume that there’s no real cash to be made of on-line games like roulette, poker, come-fare-soldiblackjack and alternative, you can prove yourself wrong by trying them out. Your biggest concern are a way to improve your techniques to induce more cash as you may see in time that getting money online by playing slot machines was never easier.

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Choosing the best online casino

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Online casino games, Pokies | Comments Off on Choosing the best online casino

One of the perks of modern society is that almost everything can be done online. An average person of today will buy and sell various goods online, book a room or a flight, arrange a meeting, pay the bills and even do the groceries shopping. Since many aspects of everyday life are turning to online solution, the same thing happens with gambling. Even though there still are casinos, betting offices or slot machines in pubs and bars, it is evident that more people decide to turn to online gambling. The reasons for this are various – it provides you with higher chances of winning, it is easily accessible either from your PC or smartphone, it offers many different kinds of games and various rewards and bonuses.


However, it is not always easy to choose the right casino. You need a winning combination of reliability, legality and user-friendliness together with the rich choice of games and appropriate bonuses. If you want to choose a casino on the Internet that suits you best and play various online casino games, pay attention to the tips we will give you in this article.

Mobile Casino

First of all, make sure that the gambling site is suitable for playing in your country. Gambling laws vary from country to country, so in order to be able to withdraw the money you win, make sure to check whether the site’s policy is in accordance with the regulations of the country you live in. Next, pay attention to the reputation of the casino you choose. Do a little research on the casino by typing its name into a search engine together with the words related to cheat and fraud. Try to pick a casino with minimum five years’ track record.

What you also should do is check the money-related regulations of the site itself. This includes the amount of bonus and its clearance rate, together with player rewards, but also the deposit method of the casino. Try to choose the casino which accepts credit cards, or even better – which uses services such as FirePay or NETteller, because this way the minimal amount of your personal data will be available to the casino.


Last, but not least, make sure to pay attention to the software used by the casino. There are thousands of virtual casinos on the Internet, and disproportionately small number of software developing companies which provide them with the games and engines they use. Choose the websites that have 128-bit encryption, because they are not easily hacked. Also, once you gain experience with various casinos, games and software, you will realize that some games run better on one type of software, and some on the other. It all depends on the company which provided the casino with the software, and if you play more games, you will be able to play each of them in a casino which has the best software for the specific game.

After following all these steps, you can be pretty sure that you have chosen the reliable, legal and overall suitable casino. Now you can create an account and start playing your favorite games.


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Advantages of playing casino games online

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Poker, Pokies | Comments Off on Advantages of playing casino games online

Many aspects of life have been changed since it became possible to access the Internet wherever you are. Many small and large businesses and trades were moved online, and it also became possible to earn (or lose) money in another way: by gambling over the Internet. Nowadays, if you want to gamble, you do not need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino, but it is enough to visit a webpage. Online casinos offer all sorts of games that you can find in traditional casinos, and often even more. Many gamblers decide to switch to Internet gambling instead of going to a classic casino, and there definitely are many reasons why this type of gambling is increasing in popularity.

First, it is more comfortable to play casino games while sitting in your room and enjoying the comfort of your home. There are people who love the crowd and the presence of others while they gamble, but those who prefer staying at home find online gambling much more comfortable. It allows you to create the mood and the atmosphere you like, play your favorite music and choose company.


Then, online gambling saves you a lot of time, unlike going to a traditional casino. Firstly, it is because you do not have to leave home, and it takes seconds to log in to your account and start playing. Secondly, it is easier to plan manage time while gambling online, because there is nothing to distract you like in traditional casinos.

Another advantage of online gambling is a huge variety of games. The choice of games is the same as in a traditional casino – pokies, various card games, dice, roulette and the like. However, these online games come in such great varieties, that you may even find it difficult to decide what to play. For example, in a brick-and-mortar casino you can find a few different slot machines, while every online casino offers dozens or even hundreds of pokies games with different themes, sounds, game options, jackpots etc.


What you can also do with online gambling and not with the traditional one is play on the go. While online casinos can be accessed from a PC, you can also use a mobile device to gamble. Game developers created hundreds of Android, iOS and Windows mobile apps for gambling. When you download an app, you can play casino games wherever you are and whenever you feel like it.

Last, but not least, online gambling does not necessarily require real money, but you can play just for fun. This means that you do not have to invest any money, and therefore there is nothing to lose. For gamblers, this can be a great opportunity to try out the games and develop the tactics. For those who do not want to gamble, but just want to have fun, this is a great and interesting pastime. Free casino games can be found in many casinos on the Internet, and they are also available as mobile apps in Google and Apple store.

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